Will the front panel be enough for a baby in the sling or is it better to choose the coat with the Snuggle?

If you’re planning on babywearing only for the first few months of your baby’s life then the front panel will be enough. However, the Snuggle gives you lots more options and configurations.

First of all, it won’t get too cramped as your baby grows – it might be under the coat with a panel.

Second of all, the Snuggle can be used without the coat, for example during hiking trips, as a cover for the pushchair or when the dad carries the baby.

Third of all, it gives the baby more room to move, which is very important on the physiotherapeutic level.

Lastly, the Snuggle, opposed to the panel on its own, has a spacious hood, so in unpleasant weather it protects the baby’s head better.