How to put on the Snuggle?

The Snuggle can be used as a front or a back cover and thanks to its adjustable cross straps (on your belly or back) it fits people of different shapes and sizes. The Snuggle is made to be put on by yourself – after a couple of tries it becomes childlishy easy :). It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a sling or a carrier – it covers them all.

Your child should be closely wrapped. Especially their legs should be covered by the Snuggle. To ensure a perfect fit you should adjust the elastic bands – there’s one along the top edge and two more at the sides of the cover.

We additionally include a fleece neck warmer, which keeps the neckline of the wearer warm. It can be attached to the main part of the cover with silicone buttons – they can be a life saver with a teething baby in a sling! It’s best to join the parts before putting the Snuggle on – we put the cover on as usual and slide the neck warmer over the head of the baby.

Putting the Snuggle on the front – video

Putting the Snuggle on the back – video

The Snuggle description – video