In the name of less waste, we have created a mega fun product: a creative box containing scraps of fabric, sewing accessories and other items that will allow you to create something extraordinary. Not necessarily with a needle and thread, sometimes hot glue is enough! After all, the scraps can also be used as patches for the knees and elbows of your children’s clothes, or as an eco toys for your dog or cat 😀

You can give the box to your creative children or try your hand at sewing yourself! You can create e.g:

  • a doll’s outfit (the box you get the trimmings in will be the perfect bed for your doll 😀 )
  • a puppet mascot
  • cushion
  • patchwork
  • any kind of artwork
  • backpack
  • bag
  • decorative hair elastic
  • a toy for your dog or cat!

The contents of the set are slightly different each time, but each kit contains basic elements such as:

  • a needle and thread,
  • fabrics in the form of smaller and larger pieces (these can be: knitted fabric, cotton, softshell, waterproof fabric, etc. The scraps can be plain or patterned),
  • plastic or metal accessories: buckles, adjusters, stoppers, etc.
  • buttons,
  • elastic bands, ribbons or strings.

The contents of the box are uniquely different every time! The photo is for illustrative purposes only.




Lead time: 48h

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