An easy-to-use impregnation for clothing, footwear and outdoor accessories.
Waterproof clothing is not like that once and for all… Weather conditions, friction, washing, etc. make the membrane stop fulfilling its task. Therefore, you need to take care of the waterproofness of clothing and accessories:
1. Wash in weak detergents, preferably special liquids for waterproof clothing.
2. Wash rarely 😛
3. Wash at low temperature.

4. Restore the waterproof coating with special impregnations.

Why did we choose spray waterproofing? Because, for example, in softshell overalls or winter gloves, only the outer layer requires impregnation and the spray reaches exactly where we apply it.

The impregnation was made for MaBiBi in Germany and is poured into bottles produced in Poland from recycled plastic. The product is completely harmless to health and the environment. It does not contain harmful PFCs.

The nanotechnology used in the production of the impregnation makes it possible to maintain the “breathability” of the fabrics while rebuilding the waterproof layer. In addition, the clothing becomes more resistant to dirt. The use of the preparation does not affect the texture or color of clothing.


Spray clean clothes from a distance of 20 cm. Pay particular attention to the folds of the material. Leave the fabric to dry for a few minutes, and then remove any stains with a damp cloth. Allow the garment to dry completely for 24 hours at room temperature. Before waterproofing, make sure all zips are fastened and you only spray the outer coating.


Made in Germany for Mabibi.


Capacity: 250 ml.

Impregnate spray


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