About us

To make parenting easier and childhood more fun!

Our brand

MaBiBi is a polish brand created to support the natural development of children, attachment parenting and living close to nature. Our clients often enjoy the great outdoors and carry their children in slings or carriers. They also value great quality products, in interesting designs, handmade in Poland. 

Our offer is directed to those who consider the origin of their clothing and make sure it’s made from safe, attested materials, to the highest standards and with great attention to detail. We distinguish ourselves by designing our products with a strong emphasis on functionality and durability – all in the spirit of less waste. Most importantly our products are supposed to be comfortable and practical, under the cover of beautiful patterns ;). 

Many of our products contain our own engineering solutions. Before they enter the regular sale their durability and functionality is tested by our very special little MaBiBi testers. 

Since 2020, our distinguished patterns, designed especially for MaBiBi, have become our hallmark and make our products even more special and unique.

Our products

In our offer you’ll find products both for children, as well as adults, not necessarily parents. Most popular are: all year round covers for slings and carriers, beautiful and practical coats for women larger and smaller, non-slip soft-sole shoes, waterproof softshell suits (which grow with your child up to three sizes), or specially designed winter mittens for kids and adults. One of the favourite products is Pakerka – a belt bag that includes many improvements, such as buggy hangers, ‘third hand’ for your preschooler, additional phone touch-pad panel in the bike version, etc. You can also order a kid’s version to hang on the scooter or a bike. 

You can find all of the products in our online store.