Many babywearing parents emphasize that our all year cover for a sling/carrier is one of the most important/useful products they had an opportunity to use while sling wearing and at the beginning of parenthood in general! The “Snuggle” is MabiBi’s original design, full of innovative improvements. It’s not just a typical liner for a sling, but a multi-functional cover, which can be used all year round over a sling or a carrier. From first till last days of your babywearing!

This is how it’s constructed:

  1. Very light base: waterproof – 10 000 mm, breathable 5 000 g/m/24h and wind resistant. On the inside the hood is finished with a soft, pleasant to touch knit.
  2. Thick insulation is made from two layers of fleece with velcro patches to attach to the base. Of course the soft velcro patches are on the base part of the cover, so even without the insulation it doesn’t irritate the baby’s soft skin or pull of baby’s/parents’ clothes.

The “Snuggle” is obviously most useful in autumn and winter. It’ll keep the little one warm even in -15 Celsius cold and the spacious hood during a snowstorm. Your child won’t need a thick jacket or down filled suit, he or she will be warm in normal clothes with just a blouse on top, perhaps with a light non insulated suit – such as our Woolly or NoSpill’s fleece insert.

  • As it’s possible to remove the insulated layer the “Snuggle” can be very useful during the rest of the year. Without the fleece insert you’re left with a thin layer of great technical parameters fabric. You can use such cover in spring or summer as a rainproof cape or on a windy day at the seaside. The waterproof base can be folded into a tiny parcel to always keep it handy, especially when with every “Snuggle” you get a bag-pack, which can be used as a cover case or a normal backpack.
  • The all year cover for a sling/carrier can be used carrying the child at the front or back, by people of various shapes and sizes. You put it on using a regulated crossed harness fastened along the lower back or belly. With the cover comes a neck warmer, that keeps the wearer’s neck and cleavage protected from the cold and can be attached to the main part of the “Snuggle” with special silicone buttons (attested silicone, used in making teething toys). They might turn out to be lifesavers for a teething baby!
  • At the front you’ll find a muff to keep the parent’s hands warm (you can also order an additional fleece insert). Inside the muff there’s a spacious zipped pocket.
  • The liner is adjusted using elastic drawcords running along the edges. Separate stopper system runs along the top, the other two are on the sides. This solution allows you to perfectly adjust and fit the cover around the baby. With time, it grows with the child and serves its purpose for months.

The “Snuggle” is an absolute must-have for all the lovers of mountain hiking. A parent, who gets hot from the intense physical effort can walk in a light thermal clothing, while the baby in a sling (or a carrier) sleeps warm and safe covered by the “Snuggle”. During breaks you can lay the cover flat and use it as a blanket/changing mat.

The sling cover is also loved by dog owners, who need free hands and a quick solution to get the baby and the dog ready for a long walk or quick pee ;). It’s similar for parents who walk their older children to/from school/nursery.

Our all year cover for a sling/carrier got numerous additional uses:

  • as a cover for a car seat – we fasten the baby in the car seat at home (without outdoor clothing!) and we cover it with the “Snuggle”. Then we carry the baby to the car (even in rain or snow), where we take the “Snuggle” off and fasten the seatbelts. It’s very important, as babies shouldn’t travel in thick jackets or suits.
  • as a cover for bike seats – even with a light temperature drop your little one sitting still in the bike seat can get really cold. “Snuggle” will eliminate this issue and will keep your child warm and dry even in the rain.
  • as a cover for a pram/stroller – it can easily replace your pushchair’s winter cover or protect your child from the rain.
  • blanket/changing mat –  as mentioned above – lay the Snuggle completely flat and use it as a blanket or a changing mat.

To pick the correct “Snuggle” size please see our special instruction.


Composition: 100% Polyester

Washing instructions

  • wash in 30 degrees Celsius, on left side, in mild detergent for colours
  • do not dry in the tumble dryer
  • do not chlorinate
  • do not wash chemically
  • wash with similar colours

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern might differ slightly from the one in the photos. Colours might differ depending on a batch and type of fabric.



Lead-time: 48h

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