You can live without it for years, but once you have it on your hips you will not remember how you managed without it :D. The giga belt bag is so often much more convenient than a traditional purse or backpack.

Giga pouch has enough room for ‘half of your house’! It’ll hold things such as a water bottle, nappies, change of clothes, wet wipes, small snack, keys, wallet, phone and a few other bits and pieces :). It has two separate compartments, zipped pocket inside and a tape with a snap hook. The bag is made from a waterproof fabric, thanks to which even in a light rain our belongings will stay dry. We can also safely put it on the wet grass or sand.

What makes our bag different from the other ones available on the market? Apart from the size of course, as 3,8L is already a high bar! 😉

1. SEPARATE BELT CASE (as standard):

Cases are for your phone, ID, money, etc – they’re always handy and safe, as no one will be able to lift them unnoticed from your bag if you carry it on your back. At the same time, if you carry these things in the case, you’ll free up the space in the main bag! It has an internal zipped pocket – for credit cards, cash, etc.

You can slide the case off the main bag strap and put it on your belt or simply throw it in your backpack/purse and it’ll work as a phone/ID case.

2. ADDITIONAL STRAP (paid option):

Thanks to the additional strap our bag becomes even more functional, as, in just seconds, you can turn the standard bag into a micro one! 😀 You do it by attaching the small case to the separate strap. It’s a great option if you’re just popping out to the shop or going out on town and you don’t have any pockets.  In fact, this simple additional strap creates two separate belt bags! YOU CAN BUY ADDITIONAL STRAP HERE

3. TWO-WAY OPENING SYSTEM (as standard):

Giga belt bag’s opening system is different from many other bags. There are two fasteners, which work independently from each other, so it doesn’t matter on which hip you carry the bag – you’ll always have an easy access to all your belongings.


Belt adjustment range: 85 cm to 115 cm

Belt bag dimensions: 31 cm width, 14 cm depth, 10 cm height.

Composition: 100% Polyester

Washing instructions

  • Clean by wiping with a moist cloth
  • Do not dry in the tumble dryer
  • Do not chlorinate
  • Do not iron
  • Do not wash chemically

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern might differ slightly from the one in the photos. Colours might differ depending on a batch and type of fabric.

GIGA BELT BAG herbs green 48h


Lead-time: 48h

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