Merino balaclava

A hood that can act as a balaclava, and additionally has a mask (also made of merino) that protects the cheeks and nose! The mask can also be pulled under the chin.

It is an ideal alternative to untying scarves and neckerchiefs that poorly protect the neck. It is also a great complement to jackets without a hood. You can use it alone – as a headgear / balaclava or as additional protection for a hat.

Its advantage (which will be appreciated mainly by parents carrying children in a carrier or a sling on the back …) is the fact that the baby is not able to take it off the head on its own and that it will not slide off like a traditional cap – exposing the child’s ears.

Merino wool advantages:

– Great thermoregulation – wonderfully warms when it’s cold, but at the same time prevents overheating when it gets warmer. Additionally, it protects against UV rays.
– Moisture wicking – merino wool wicks moisture away from the body and – unlike e.g. cotton T-shirts – does not make you feel cold when you sweat during exercise. It dries very quickly.
– It does not bite – this type of wool is extremely delicate and pleasant to the skin, even if it is in direct contact with it.
– It breathes – that’s why merino clothing is great for intense activities.
– It is flexible – it works perfectly with the body, and at the same time it does not stretch or deform.
– It has antibacterial properties – merino wool inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. What does it mean? 1. That it reduces unpleasant odors when we sweat. 2. That it can (and should) be washed less often than cotton or synthetic clothes.
– Environmentally friendly – merino wool is 100% biodegradable.
– The merino wool we use comes from the EU and is certified muesling free.

Note: 100% Merino Fleece products may pill due to friction.


Composition: 100% merino wool
Weight: 235 grams per square meter

Washing instructions:

  • hand wash at 30℃ (airing recommended)
  • do not spin
  • do not twist
  • do not tumble dry
  • dry flat
  • do not iron
  • do not chlorinate
  • do not bleach
  • do not use fabric softener

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern might differ slightly from the one in the photos. Colours might differ depending on a batch and type of fabric.


Balaclava 100 % Merino fleece


Lead-time: 5-14 working days

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