“Snowy Hands” are winter mittens designed by parents and tested by children, so they work in all possible snow situations.

  • Waterproof – 10 000 mm
  • Long cuffs – they reach up to the elbows, keeping the snow away from little hands. It also makes it easier for children to put them on.
  • They’re adjustable at the elbow and wrist, so they don’t slide off hands and jacket. You adjust them with one pull on the elastic – a child can do it by themselves , even with one glove already on. 
  • A child can put the hand under the top elastic, so he/she won’t lose the mitten when they need to take it off for a moment.
  • Reinforced palms.
  • PrimaLoft insulation – more valuable and of greatly higher quality than the traditional paddings available on the market 🙂 You absolutely need to read more about PrimaLoft below.
  • Especially designed, MaBiBi authentic cut for children below 3 years old!
  • High vis patches.

“Snowy Hands” are very warm as they’ve got three layers:

  1. outer: waterproof softshell (10 000mm)
  2. inner:  100% merino fleece. Wool offers great thermoregulation and is bacterdicidal. The fabric is soft and pleasant for the skin – it’s non-itchy. 
  3. In between: PrimaLoft insulation.

Properties of merino wool:

  • Great thermoregulation – it warms wonderfully when it’s cold, but at the same time prevents overheating when it gets warmer. It also protects against UV rays.
  • Wicks moisture away – merino wool wicks moisture away from the body and – unlike, for example, cotton shirts – does not make you feel cold when you sweat during exercise. Dries very quickly 
  • Does not itch – this type of wool is extremely soft and pleasant to the skin, even when in direct contact with it.
  • Breathable – that’s why merino clothing is perfect for intense activity!
  • Flexible – it works well with the body without stretching or warping.
  • Antimicrobial – merino wool inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. What does this mean? Firstly, it reduces unpleasant odours when you sweat. Secondly, it can (and indeed should) be washed less frequently than cotton or synthetic clothes.
  • Environmentally friendly – merino wool is 100% biodegradable.

Note: 100% Merino Fleece products may pill due to friction.

What is PrimaLoft?

It’s a synthetic insulation – an alternative to a natural down, and superior in a few ways. Most importantly: it keeps you warm even when it’s wet! It doesn’t get dirty or clamp, so it doesn’t lose its elasticity (this characteristic is most important when it comes to material’s thermal specifications).

In our products we use PrimaLofts most advanced insulation version – Gold – a relatively thin insulation (which gives us low weight of the vest) that offers very high thermal characteristics. 

PrimaLofts main advantages:

  • It’s super light, super soft and super elastic.
  • It keeps you warm even when it’s wet and it dries quickly.
  • It’s made of 55% recycled polyester. 
  • It is windproof.
  • It’s antiallergic and resistant to fungi and bacterias.


A specially designed mittens’ cut for the smallest of users – children up to 2-3 years old (up to size 98) – who can’t or don’t want to wear normal gloves. Their particular shape means that all of the fingers are together, yet the child can move the thumb freely and grab objects. Your baby is more comfortable and warmer.

We offer two more sizes in a traditional mitten cut with a separated thumb:

  • pre-school: for kids 3-6 years old (size 98-116)
  • mid-schoo: for kids 6-9 years old (size 116-146)

If you like this product but want to choose a different colour or insulation, go here



Outer layer: 100% Polyester

Inner layer: 100% merino wool

Washing instructions

  • Wash in 30 degrees in mild detergents
  • Wash with similar products
  • Do not dry in a tumble dryer
  • Iron up to 110 degrees
  • Do not chlorinate
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not wash chemically

PLEASE NOTE: The pattern might differ slightly from the one in the photos. Colours might differ depending on a batch and type of fabric.



Products available from stock are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. The delivery time does not include weekends and holidays.

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